VR-7 Memories - 1963-67
by Ron Mowrer

Review at Moffett Field. Hanging around for a load of jumpers. Still waiting. Finally in the air. Rating the crew. Flying the drop route at 500 feet. In formation. Dumpin' them out.  Three plane drop. Pope AFB O-Club at end of day. Short field practice to be ready for Deep Freeze. Of course... arctic survival school in Fairbanks Alaska. Lead crew before departure to Deep Freeze. On the way.  LCDR Detwiller running the detachment. Had to deplane in civvies at Pago Pago. At McMurdo Sound Field in Antartica.  Snow scraped off the ice. At McMurdo.  Unloading. Waiting for SnoCat to take us to lunch. Good thing we have nice warm gear. Unloading. Going home tower buzz salute at Christchurch. Planning the flight. At the nav station. Christchurch briefing room. Plotting the course.  Always waiting. Our New Zealand crew car.  Buying was cheaper than renting. Patches.
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